Richard Bretton is the Lead Developer and Co-Founder of Shattered Games Studios. His roles include Technical Development, Project Management, Coding, Game Design, Marketing, and Advertisement.


He started off with a vision and a passion to develop RPG video games, as he grew up fond of Classic RPG video games like Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy, Legend of Zelda, and Legend of the Dragoon.


Co-Founder Richard Bretton

Brittany Brockett is the lead Visual Designer and Co-Founder of Shattered Games Studios. Her roles include Concept Art, Over world Design, Network Management.

She has always enjoyed the visuals in games growing up, leading her to becoming a Visual Artist for video games. She too has enjoyed many RPG video games like Final Fantasy, Eternal Sonata, Tales of Games, Legend of Zelda, and Rune Factory.

Co-Founder Brittany Brockett